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14 September 2001

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to send our love and support to all of you fans out there who have been as deeply touched as we, at, have by the tragic events of the last few days. I have never been prouder to be an American as I watched people risk their lives to save others. Sometimes the world looks at Americans as immature, naive and pompous. But the reason we are a world leader is because of our amazing courage; our willingness to sacrifice everything for the common good and our ability to put our differences aside to serve a higher calling.

The world is watching to see how we are going to handle this terrible crisis! I know we will rise to the occasion as we have for over two hundred years! I was in Big Sur, California, looking out over one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen, when I heard the news. I rushed to a local bar with a big television set and sat stunned as we all watched what seemed so brutal and surreal that it was almost impossible to comprehend that it was actually real. Everyone in the room moved closer together as we struggled to understand how something like this could actually happen in America. It's amazing how many strangers became close friends that day and I realized that despite our differences and busy schedules we seemingly egocentric humans do care about each other. We are connected whether we like it or not and whatever happens to one of us happens to all of us; we feel each others pain -- and also our joy.

Like it says on the coin, "One for all and all for one," it makes sense when you think about it. I also don't know about you, but I have always naively taken for granted that somehow our institutions and governmental agencies will take care of us. We put our trust in other people to make cars and airplanes that are safe and in addition we trust that they have taken care of all the contingencies. I guess what I'm saying is that we always defer to those we think are more knowledgeable and skilled than we are and we usually don't challenge their policies or procedures even when we think they don't work.

We want to get on with our lives and don't have the time or inclination to stand up for what we think. After much discussion in the room considering possible scenarios and solutions, it became apparent to me that no matter what the government does to respond to what happened these past few days we will never be safe from terrorist activities unless we become empowered and conscious that we are all in this together. We all need to look out for each other and pay attention to what's going on around us. Terrorists and bad guys take advantage of our lack of awareness and distracting life styles. There is no weapon or defense system that can protect us from individuals or small groups of terrorists with a serious intention to harm us. I've been in neighborhoods where police never arrived in time and houses were constantly broken into until everybody got together and took the situation into their own hands. When everybody is watching out for each other and willing to come to their defense, then the bad guys don't stand a chance.

This is what we all have to agree to do for each other. Than instead of grieving for each others loss and pain we can join together and celebrate our victory over adversity. No amount of money or soldiers or air strikes against our enemies is going to solve the problem. Standing together in solidarity will send a message to all who wish to harm us that are united, ready to protect each other, and unwilling to lay down and just take it. They want us to get angry enough to start a war. They want us to attack them and kill innocent women and children so they can build a case for their war against the U.S.A. campaign.

Let's send a more powerful message. The world already knows how lethal our military is. Let's show them how powerful and resolute our people are. They cannot penetrate our borders or violate us again if we are all willing to wake up and take responsibility for our own safety by standing together with our brothers and sisters in the military and saying no more! We are watching! We are listening! We are together! We are empowered, courageous and ready to take what ever action is necessary to insure our peoples safety! Keep the faith! Let turn this tragedy into an opportunity to create a world we can all believe in and carry us into a new era of peace and prosperity for all.

Take care and all my love and blessings!

Richard Hatch


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