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Hi everybody,

I just wanted to quickly comment on the latest news concerning Bryan Singer and Tom DeSanto. First of all I'm elated that two such talented and passionate artists have decided to bring this beloved show back to the world. What a wonderful surprise that someone of their stature in the industry seems to understand what all of you fans out in the world have always understood and have been screaming at the studios for years. Battlestar Galactica is truly a sleeping giant and I'm sure under their guidance--and with your support--will finally achieve the level of success that such a wonderful story deserves.

I just read an article from Tom DeSanto at I was very pleased to find out that Tom and Bryan have a genuine love for the show and that they care about the fans and preserving the integrity of the show. I have no idea what they have in mind, but I feel that we should all support them in their quest and give them time to develop their own unique vision. If my team had been given the chance to produce Battlestar Galactica I would have asked for the same courtesy. No one knows more than me that they're many ways to bring back Battlestar Galactica and that their are many talented and gifted individuals with a wonderful vision for Battlestar Galactica. My group came together because no one seemed to understand this shows potential, or vast and diverse fan base.

We also wanted to remind the industry that Battlestar Galactica was not only a success in the beginning, but under the right conditions and leadership, could become one of the most entertaining, moving and successful franchises in Universal's history. Additionally, we wanted to lay out a vision for the show that would honor the original characters and premise of the show, and at the same time, build a bridge to the future with a whole new generation born in space. Our trailer took all of this into account and the response was overwhelmingly positive. However Tom and Bryan are entitled to their vision for the show. I have always respected any creators' right to explore their own, unique ideas.

I believe that the fans' job is to share opinions and give honest feedback. Hopefully the new producers will be open to listening and taking them all into account. My position is to give Tom and Bryan the respect they are due--and to share insights and opinions only if asked. No one likes to be second-guessed. I'm sure they will have to contend with more than their share of creative challenges and adversarial opinions.

Just a few last words before I go. These past few years have taught me that anything is possible if you are willing to jump into the fire and commit yourself to what you believe. It also taught me to appreciate and respect not only the fans who keep the flame alive, but the producers, directors, writers and craftsmen that have the courage to bring their creative vision to fruition. It takes guts to keep going when no one believes in what you are doing.

I also want to thank the fans for supporting our team's efforts these past several years. The new Battlestar Galactica trailer that we put together with the love and support of many fans and industry professions was a miracle in the making. The standing ovations around the world for our efforts have more than justified the tremendous effort that went into developing and completing our trailer. I will always support Battlestar Galactica and will always reflect the fans' opinions and creative ideas. Remember, Battlestar Galactica belongs to you--and your belief and passion for this show have kept it alive these past 20+ years. You have also made it possible for this show to finally come back. Don't forget that! I take my hat off to all of you.

By the way, the third book of my Battlestar Galactica trilogy is finally being completed and will be out shortly. I'm also looking forward to seeing all of you again this year as I will be traveling all over the world, promoting the book, playing a new and updated Battlestar Galactica trailer, plus showing you the new Great War of Magellan trailer/project that my team has been working on for the last 14 months.

Once again, congratulations to Tom DeSanto and Bryan Singer and also to Glen Larson. I'm sure that he must be excited to have their creative talents bringing his show back to life. I know Glen thinks that I have tried to steal his show, but the truth is, I have always believed in his story and have only wanted to honor and give life to his original premise and wonderful characters.

All my love,
Richard Hatch


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